Design & Co-design

System design is the cornerstone of any project, regardless of the industry. Given the complexity of wiring plans, electrical system design is typically performed by electrical engineers. During the design process, engineers consider several factors to plan the wiring systems.

Nursan manages the electrical wiring planning processes for various systems, thus taking part in any system design. At Nursan, we define the boundaries of our design responsibilities by holding meetings and signing agreements with our customers.

Nursan aims to diversify its customer base and projects by enhancing its design strength and capabilities, which are not limited to wire harnesses alone. Nursan also designs and patents the tools and equipment used in the production processes. Nursan uses proprietary formulas in the cables and insulating materials while working on developing new cable insulation formulas.

Circuit Test & Assembly Table

We produce testing and assembly benches to improve efficiency and profitability across the production processes. Furthermore, we perform capacity analyses based on customer projections and production volumes to determine the required Machinery/Equipment/Workforce and design the production lines accordingly.

At Nursan, we generate solutions to design and produce circuit test and assembly benches, as key equipment in manufacturing wire harnesses. We also consider the technical drawings and specifications, requests to customize dimensions, technical parameters, and customer requirements in the design process. After production, all the wire harnesses are inspected both visually and also by circuit tests to ensure that they meet the technical specifications and parameters.