Product & Process Development

With more than 40 years of experience and a flexible structure, Nursan enjoys an advantageous position in product and process development. The industrial design team remains in constant communication and works in coordination with the relevant teams in all the wire harness-related processes. Driven by the synergy of teamwork, the project groups consisting of all functions plan and follow through all the production stages by considering factors such as customer objectives, cost, and efficiency. The product development and implementation activities are monitored by project auditors at each critical stage. The cables produced are used in the wire harness production operations at Nursan.

Testing and Validation

Nursan laboratory, accredited by Fiat-Tofaş and Oyak-Renault, operates in accordance with the ISO/TS 17025 standard, which defines the general requirements for a laboratory to be recognized as competent to perform specific tests. Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art devices and capable of performing all types of functional tests on our in-house production wires, and smooth and corrugated tubes.

The approval process for accepting the raw materials into our manufacturing facilities starts with specific chemical, mechanical, and electrical tests performed by our laboratory.

All the devices and equipment used in our laboratory as well as in production regularly undergo calibration. Our laboratory also plays a major role in the approval of our R&D activities.