Product And Process Development

Nursan has the advantage of flexible & dynamic product and process development thanks to its highly integrated team synergy work. Project groups consisting of all involved department engineers doing their best in order to meet customer’s cost optimization and efficiency targets by planning, realization and follow-up of the product. Product realization and process development milestones are constantly monitored and evaluated by project supervisors.

Test and Validation

Nursan laboratory was founded and currently operates in accordance with ISO/TS 17025 standard, has been accredited by Fiat-Tofaş and Oyak-Renault companies. Laboratory equipment enables us to perform all type of functional tests for in-house produced wire, smooth and corrugated tubes.

All new raw materials are not allowed to production until obtaining laboratory approval based on specific chemical, mechanical and electrical tests. The laboratory also provides periodical calibration of several tools used in production.

In addition to above-mentioned tasks, our laboratory plays a major role in the process of design approval of R&D studies.

Main devices of the laboratory:

  • Climatic Chamber
  • Elongation, Abrasion, etc Devices
  • Etuv
  • Quick Scope
  • Electrical Test Devices (Multimeter, AC dielectric , etc.)
  • DSC
  • FT_IR
  • Melt Flow Index


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