Social Activities

Several social clubs with all around the year activities have been founded in order to keep high motivation and spirit in our co-workers. We are strongly committed to encouraging effort and the drive to persevere sense of happiness and satisfaction through our sightseeing trips, sport activities and handicraft exhibitions.

The 6th Summit of R&D Centres

On 20-21 December 2017 during the 6th Summit of R&D Centres which was organized by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of Turkey in Ankara Trade Chamber our R&D Centre of Kütahya Factory has attained the pertinent certification.

University of Technology Photonics Technologies Application and Research Center (FOTAM) TUBITAK Teydeb-1505 University-Industry Cooperation Project

Inclusive of R&D activities hold in our university’s Photonics Technology Application and Research Center (PTARC), “High Speed Colour and Diameter Measurement System Integrated to Cable Production Line” named TÜBİTAK TEYDEB 1505 project, primarily prepared for use in cable production lines of NURSAN Cable Equipment located in same province, has been considered worthy to support by TÜBİTAK.

The application has been made as the collaboration of NURSAN Cable Equipment Ind. And Tra. Inc. , as customer organisation, and Dumlupınar Photonics Technology Application and Research Center (PTARC) and will be executed by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Altuncu (Associate in Electrical and Electronical Engineering Department & Manager of PTARC). Assoc. Prof. Doğan Aydın (The Head of Computer Engineering Department), Assoc. Prof. İsmet Çelik (Associate in Mechanical Engineering Department), and Res. Asst. Dr. Fırat Ertaç Durak will be assist as researchers. The project, which lasts 23 months in total, will also be employed as a scholarship student in two Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate students.

At the end of the project, it is aimed to develop a photonic based sensor and measurement system to enable a precise measurement system which will have an ability to take measurements in real time cable insulation colour, diameter, and deformations in high speed that can be integrated to primarily for customer organisation of the project NURSAN Cable Equipment Ind. And Tra. Inc., as well as domestic and international cable producers’ production lines, production of the prototype, and performing field tests. The project will also have a contribution in development of the new technologies of production and sensors inclusive of the signed University – Industry Collaboration contract agreement with Nursan Cable Equipment Ind. And Tra. Inc., in structure of PTARC.

Success of the Nursan Basketball School

We are proud to announce that Mine Satık, the daughter of our employee Kadriye Satık, has been accepted to Aysel-Selahattin Erkasap Sports High School with highest ranking. It comes as an outcome of receiving the education from Nursan Basketball School, a joint project between NKD and Kütahya Basketball School since 2016.

Additionally, Abdullah Çakır, the son of another employee Hülya Çakır, has been licenced for U-15 Star categories by Kütahya Basketball Club after spending several years at Nursan Basketball School and successful performance in the league games.

We congratulate their parents and wish our students new achievements in their upcoming athletic career.


Lean manufacturing aims to minimize defects, stocks, scrap, customer complaints whereas optimizing production area and costs. In order to create awareness, NKD General Manager A.Kağan Yamakoğlu informed all employees on 23rd August 2017 in terms of Lean Manufacturing.

Nursan In Top 500 of Commerce

The results of 2016 “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Companies” have been announced by Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). According to this research, TÜPRAŞ become the forerunner with 32.594.000.000 TL turnover. 2nd in the list is Ford Otosan with 16.314.000.000 TL turnover, 3rd is TOFAŞ with 12.856.000.000 TL turnover.

Nursan Kablo Donanımları San. ve Tic. A.Ş. entered the list in 327th position out of 500. The only wat to sustain and go beyond this success milestone in the near future is with the consolidation of utmost dedication of Nursan’s employees and continuous hard-work of its managers.

A simple glance to the report demonstrates the whole scale of both remarkable achievements as well as volatilities facing today’s economy. Thus, overall turnover of all 500 top industrial companies has increased by 8,8% from 450.505 billion TL to 490.043 billion TL. There are 10 Automotive OEM’s in the list while 48 new industrial companies have made their first entrance. 27 new entry companies were on the “Turkey’s 2nd top 500 Industrial Companies” list previously, while the remaining 21 companies were out of these top 1000 Company lists.

Nursan Suggestions Award Ceremony

On 24 March, 2017, General Manager of Nursan Mr. Kağan Yamakoğlu and Deputy General Manager Mr. Erol Yavaş presented the winners of ongoing Suggestion Submission Program with awards.

SGK Visit

On March 16, 2017, SGK undersecretary Mr. Kürşat Arat and SGK Kütahya District Manager Mr. İsmail Sayar visited NKD Factory. Factory Director Mr. Güven Dalkiliç accompanied the visitors and introduce the factory during the plant trip.

Hyundai Supplier Day

NKD General Manager Kağan YAMAKOĞLU, Project Director Çağatay ÜSTÜNDAĞ & Business Development and Sales Manager Serhat KARADAĞ have attended to the events that have been organized at Ela Quality Hotel located in Antalya-Belek on 26-27 January 2017.

During 2 days of the events, Hyundai Assan’s background, today and future have deeply been evaluated. Especially “Quality and Cost Improvements” topic was crucially underlined.

Apart from the classical Supplier’s Day Events, a music group that includes Hyundai Assan and its suppliers’ managers as members was established in order to warm up good relationships between customer & suppliers. Within this music group named “AutoBand”, on the behalf of Nursan, our Business Development & Sales Manager Mr.Serhat KARADAĞ took his place as Rhytm Guitar & Vocal as well as Cost Department Manager from HAOS, President and production managers from Aisin company.


DESİP Nursan Award Ceremony


Within Development of Employabilities of Disabled People By Social Integration Technical Help Project (DESİP), Gender Equality, Social Existence and Employment Awareness Increase Meeting has been organized on 26 January 2017 at Meyra Palace Hotel with the attendance of Work General Manager Nurcan Önder who gave a speech about DESİP.

Work and Social Security Minister Dr.Mehmet Müezzinoğlu has finalized his words by saying that “If a man and a woman are equal in any case, they must also be equal in social life, politics, employment and in education. We have to integrate and apply this mindset to our life and conscience.”

After the speech, 2016 Social Gender Equality in Working Life Award Ceremony has been organized. Dr.Müezzinoğlu has given the awards to responsibles of 3 companies.

On the behalf of NURSAN, the 3rd company which deserved one of the awards, Factory Director M.Güven Dalkılıç has took the award from Dr.Müezzinoğlu


World Automotive Conference (WAC)


Nursan has been invited by TYCO to the 3rd “World Automotive Conference” (WAC) on 29 October 2016.The meeting has gone over the past, today and the future of automotive sector. It has been emphasized that new technology will provide new opportunities for both production techniques and end-users in the near past.