On-the-Job Training Protocol Signed with the Provincial Directorate of Kütahya Labor and Employment Agency

On-the-Job Training Protocol” was signed between Kütahya Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Directorate (İŞKUR) and Nursan.

The signing ceremony of the program, which provides to the registered unemployed citizens opportunity to gain professional experience, to see the practical application of previously received theoretical training and to adapt to the new working environment, took place at Nursan’s facility in Kütahya 1st Organized industrial Zone.

Kütahya Governor Ali Çelik, İŞKUR Provincial Director Kamil Uçan, Nursan General Manager Çağatay Üstündağ, Factory Director Recep Bozkurt, Human Resources Director Recep Hacıoğlu and Tavşanlı İŞKUR Manager Muhterem Aksoy attended the meeting.