International Women’s Day Celebrated In Our Factories

“8 March International Women’s Day” was celebrated in Nursan Kablo Donanımları Tavşanlı and Kütahya Plants and were presented with flowers.


Hyundai Best Supplier Award Ceremony

hyundai_2015_bestNursan has been given “Best Supplier Award of 2015” on 25th Feb 2016 at Suppliers’ Day of Hyundai-Assan which is organized each year traditionally. The award stands for the best one of the suppliers of Hyundai-Assan within Quality, Delivery and Collaboration. It is an honor that Nursan deserved awards for 3 times for the last 3 years. As remembered, Nursan has been also given Best Supplier Award of 2013 as well as Best Quality Control Award of 2013

Nursan Q1 Award Ceremony


13rd of January became a very special date in Nursan Otomotiv history for the second time – Q1 Award Ceremony.

As honored guests, representatives from Ford and YST side, members of the Board of Directors of Nursanlar Holding and Management team from NED and NKD were invited to ceremony by NBG.

The opening speech has been done by our General Manager Mr. Kağan Yamakoğlu, who congratulated our team on this high achievement, thanked all our guests for their support throughout the years and gave the word to Mr. Zoltan Nagy Toth, Ford’s STA Manager. Mr. Nagy Toth held a thrilling speech, sharing emotional memories dating back from the very beginning of our collaboration.

The Q1 plague and Certificate were officially given to Nursanlar Holding Chairman of the board Mr. Erol Ergan who expressed his great gratitude in front of the audience and the Q1 flag was raised proudly on top of the pole.


Social Gender Equality in Working Life Award Ceremony


Nursan has been awarded by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (ÇSGB) with “Social Gender Equality in Working Life Prize”. This award is given every year and aiming to raise awareness in every aspect of working life and improve social gender equality.

On behalf of Nursan Ebru Öz, Human Resources Manager, has received the award at the hand of ÇSGB Undersecretary Ahmet Erdem during the ceremony organized at Ankara Anadolu Hotels Downtown on 18th November 2015.

2015 Sub-Industry Success Award by OSD


Suggestion System Award Ceremony

NKD Suggestion System Award Ceremony of 2014 May-December term was organized on 02 July 2015. Employees, who proposed valuable suggestions, took their awards from General Manager Kağan Yamakoğlu, Deputy General Manager Erol Yavaş, Plant Director Güven Dalkılıç and Project Director Çağatay Üstündağ.


Motivation Awards 2015

On the occasion of Eid al-Adha Feast Turkish Metal Union has distributed to its member employees working at Nursan 150 Turkish Lira gift cheques. sendika2015_odul

Training By Family and Social Politics Ministry


As it’s thought that good communication in family effects positively on working life as well as prepares a ground of happy working environment, we have provided a training named “Communication In Family and Problem Solving Methods” for our staff on 30.07.2015 by Family and Social Politics Ministry.


Visit of KAGİK (Women Entrepreneurs Council)


Kütahya Women Entrepreneurs Council members have visited our factory on 26.08.2015.

Speaker of KAGİK, Chairman of The Executive Board, Derya Erden ÇERKEŞ has obtained information about women staff of NKD and the facilities.

Nursan Factory Director Güven DALKILIÇ specified that there is also a plant at Bulgaria and also told about this was the first facility which has R&D center at Bulgaria district for this working area. “Percentages of women staff of Kütahya plants is 49%, Bulgaria’s is 69%” has been said and then “Why we prefer women staff is the women to be much more skillful about Cable Production rather than men” added by Güven DALKILIÇ.

KAGİK President ÇERKEŞ said that NKD Kütahya and Tavşanlı plants have totally more than 800 women of 2200 staff while adding that they were honored of such this huge enterprise.

KAGIK members said that were pleased to share that NKD managers of plants are fairly careful about these issues.

Establishment of Nursan Kütahya Plant


2nd Nursan plant of Kütahya District that has 29.869,53 open-area and 11.385,21 closed-area at Kütahya Industry Zone has been established on 15th May of 2015.