Nursan Suggestions Award Ceremony

On 24 March, 2017, General Manager of Nursan Mr. Kağan Yamakoğlu and Deputy General Manager Mr. Erol Yavaş presented the winners of ongoing Suggestion Submission Program with awards.

SGK Visit

On March 16, 2017, SGK undersecretary Mr. Kürşat Arat and SGK Kütahya District Manager Mr. İsmail Sayar visited NKD Factory. Factory Director Mr. Güven Dalkiliç accompanied the visitors and introduce the factory during the plant trip.

Hyundai Supplier Day

NKD General Manager Kağan YAMAKOĞLU, Project Director Çağatay ÜSTÜNDAĞ & Business Development and Sales Manager Serhat KARADAĞ have attended to the events that have been organized at Ela Quality Hotel located in Antalya-Belek on 26-27 January 2017.

During 2 days of the events, Hyundai Assan’s background, today and future have deeply been evaluated. Especially “Quality and Cost Improvements” topic was crucially underlined.

Apart from the classical Supplier’s Day Events, a music group that includes Hyundai Assan and its suppliers’ managers as members was established in order to warm up good relationships between customer & suppliers. Within this music group named “AutoBand”, on the behalf of Nursan, our Business Development & Sales Manager Mr.Serhat KARADAĞ took his place as Rhytm Guitar & Vocal as well as Cost Department Manager from HAOS, President and production managers from Aisin company.


DESİP Nursan Award Ceremony


Within Development of Employabilities of Disabled People By Social Integration Technical Help Project (DESİP), Gender Equality, Social Existence and Employment Awareness Increase Meeting has been organized on 26 January 2017 at Meyra Palace Hotel with the attendance of Work General Manager Nurcan Önder who gave a speech about DESİP.

Work and Social Security Minister Dr.Mehmet Müezzinoğlu has finalized his words by saying that “If a man and a woman are equal in any case, they must also be equal in social life, politics, employment and in education. We have to integrate and apply this mindset to our life and conscience.”

After the speech, 2016 Social Gender Equality in Working Life Award Ceremony has been organized. Dr.Müezzinoğlu has given the awards to responsibles of 3 companies.

On the behalf of NURSAN, the 3rd company which deserved one of the awards, Factory Director M.Güven Dalkılıç has took the award from Dr.Müezzinoğlu


World Automotive Conference (WAC)


Nursan has been invited by TYCO to the 3rd “World Automotive Conference” (WAC) on 29 October 2016.The meeting has gone over the past, today and the future of automotive sector. It has been emphasized that new technology will provide new opportunities for both production techniques and end-users in the near past.


Nursan SAP Starting Process


SAP project that has started in the beginning of 2016 and been decided to get it started to use in the middle of 2017 is properly going on in collaboration with Nursan responsible team and consultants.

2nd Semester Basketball School Project


2nd Nursan Basketball Tournament, started 2015-2016 summer semester as the first, organized for 2016-2017 fall semester again on 15th October 2016 at Kütahya/Tavşanlı by the help of professional trainers from Kütahya Youth and Sport City Directorate. All our young basketball players had been checked up by our company physician Dr. Kerem Keskin

Ford Otosan members’ visit to Nursan Otomotiv


On 23rd of March NBG factory was visited by a team of Ford and YST members aiming at an overall observation of manufacturing cycle, research of process issues combined with a line walk.

During the meeting our team presented the factory, quality issues and training system in the organization and discussed all topics of interest. Further on the visit continued with a plant tour, demonstrating production processes and employees’ performance.

By the end of the day the meeting was closed by Fetiye Polat, Electrical VRT PD Co-Lead at Ford Otosan, summarizing their team’s observations and words of gratitude for Nursan’s hospitality.


OSD Best Supplier Award Ceremony


42nd General Assembly of Automotive Manufacturers Association has been organized on 24th of March 2016 at İstanbul Industry of Commerce attending of Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri IŞIK. Traditional Export Success Awards, Technology Success Awards and Sub-Industry Success Awards have been delivered to their owners.

As per the evaluation by OSD Members within the criteria of quality and delivery reliability, technology development collaboration and competitiveness, Nursan Kablo Donanımları A. Ş. has been qualified the first of 550 suppliers serving to OEMs so that awarded with Sub-Industry Success Award.


Nursan Kablo Donanımları Basketball School Project Actualised


On 2 February 2016 Nursan Kablo Donanımları have been implemented “Nursan Kablo Donanımları Basketball School” project as a social responsibility project and social activities.

Nursan employees children between ages 7-14 are attended to Basketball School. Which employees working in Kutahya Plant have been attended in Kütahya town and which working in Tavşanlı Plant have been attended in Tavşanlı. The activity started with professional trainers which is identified by Kutahya Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports.

All our young athletes who participated in the Nursan Basketball School have started their trainings after examining our workplace Dr.Kerem Keskin.
In addition, sportsgears with Nursan logos were distributed to all athletes on 05 March 2016.