Hyundai Supplier Day

NKD General Manager Kağan YAMAKOĞLU, Project Director Çağatay ÜSTÜNDAĞ & Business Development and Sales Manager Serhat KARADAĞ have attended to the events that have been organized at Ela Quality Hotel located in Antalya-Belek on 26-27 January 2017.

During 2 days of the events, Hyundai Assan’s background, today and future have deeply been evaluated. Especially “Quality and Cost Improvements” topic was crucially underlined.

Apart from the classical Supplier’s Day Events, a music group that includes Hyundai Assan and its suppliers’ managers as members was established in order to warm up good relationships between customer & suppliers. Within this music group named “AutoBand”, on the behalf of Nursan, our Business Development & Sales Manager Mr.Serhat KARADAĞ took his place as Rhytm Guitar & Vocal as well as Cost Department Manager from HAOS, President and production managers from Aisin company.