DESİP Nursan Award Ceremony


Within Development of Employabilities of Disabled People By Social Integration Technical Help Project (DESİP), Gender Equality, Social Existence and Employment Awareness Increase Meeting has been organized on 26 January 2017 at Meyra Palace Hotel with the attendance of Work General Manager Nurcan Önder who gave a speech about DESİP.

Work and Social Security Minister Dr.Mehmet Müezzinoğlu has finalized his words by saying that “If a man and a woman are equal in any case, they must also be equal in social life, politics, employment and in education. We have to integrate and apply this mindset to our life and conscience.”

After the speech, 2016 Social Gender Equality in Working Life Award Ceremony has been organized. Dr.Müezzinoğlu has given the awards to responsibles of 3 companies.

On the behalf of NURSAN, the 3rd company which deserved one of the awards, Factory Director M.Güven Dalkılıç has took the award from Dr.Müezzinoğlu