University Seminar Organized by Nursan


On November 26, 2014 the cooperation between Universities and Industrial Companies of Kütahya Region has gained a momentum with Nursan activities. As Nursan we profoundly believe in the future of our country. Professor Dr. Osman Şan paid a key role throughout the whole process of organizing the Regional Industry Orientation program. On one-hand students getting specialization in their fields of study by applying and being part of our business projects, on the other hand we aim to strengthen our competitiveness and innovation drive thanks to collaboration with academic stuff of Dumlupınar University. At the end of the day the most rewarding thing for us after all was the genuine interest and active participation of both university students and administration. Following the company presentation, students who wanted to participate in our new projects were interviewed. Afterwards, these interviews will be evaluated as jobs applications. Students who are successful in this stage are assessed accordingly and invited to one-year internship program. .nkduniseminer