Environmental Policy

Nursan is committed to identify and keep under control any harmful effect on the environment and human health caused by industrial and other activities; to develop systems to minimize the adverse impact on the environment by using environment friendly raw materials; to produce environment friendly products thereby leaving habitable environment for future generations, fulfilling all the requirements of ISO 14001 and to undertake and implement the following actions to achieve it:

*Implementing Environmental Management System in conformity to ISO 14001:2004 standards and to ensure it’s continuity and development,

*Complying with the obligations, responsibilities and other requirements of legal regulations regarding environmental aspects,

*Giving priority to the principle of not creating waste and choosing processes that leave no waste; collecting separately and recycling the waste that is inevitably originated; destructing non-recyclable waste legally and with eco-friendly methods,

* To use resources efficiently, thereby reducing waste at the originating site,

*To use energy and natural resources efficiently, thus ensuring the preservation of our natural richness,

*To follow up the latest technological developments and to choose technology with the most environmentally appropriate processes and equipment,

*To pay utmost attention to the environmental friendliness of the process and products at the early stage of development, planning and investment,

*To promote and take every corrective and preventive action to reduce pollution,

*To collaborate with environmentally sensitive suppliers and customers for the better environment,

*To monitor continuously the implementation of environmental policy, to share it with the customers, suppliers and employees with any possible means of communication, to make it open to the public access and to contribute to the formation of environmental awareness in the interested parties.

General Manager
First Release Date: 10.02.2004
22.01.2015, Revision: 06