Nursan In Top 500 of Commerce

The results of 2016 “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Companies” have been announced by Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO). According to this research, TÜPRAŞ become the forerunner with 32.594.000.000 TL turnover. 2nd in the list is Ford Otosan with 16.314.000.000 TL turnover, 3rd is TOFAŞ with 12.856.000.000 TL turnover.

Nursan Kablo Donanımları San. ve Tic. A.Ş. entered the list in 327th position out of 500. The only wat to sustain and go beyond this success milestone in the near future is with the consolidation of utmost dedication of Nursan’s employees and continuous hard-work of its managers.

A simple glance to the report demonstrates the whole scale of both remarkable achievements as well as volatilities facing today’s economy. Thus, overall turnover of all 500 top industrial companies has increased by 8,8% from 450.505 billion TL to 490.043 billion TL. There are 10 Automotive OEM’s in the list while 48 new industrial companies have made their first entrance. 27 new entry companies were on the “Turkey’s 2nd top 500 Industrial Companies” list previously, while the remaining 21 companies were out of these top 1000 Company lists.